About Copa Bikinis

My name is Gaby and I started Copa Bikinis LLC after immigrating to America as an adult and realizing that Brazilian bikinis are
needed here! When first visiting beaches in America it was obvious to me that the beautiful ladies here deserved a much more flattering swimsuit. I then discovered that high quality Brazilian bikinis and swimwear were very hard to find, at least for a reasonable price.

Having grown up in Rio de Janeiro, near Copacabana beach, it was normal for me to see beautiful bikinis and the latest swimsuit fashion trends on a daily basis. My mother and her friend also designed and sold their own line of bikinis at a small kiosk near Copacabana beach for over ten years, which became a sort of boutique with loyal customers who loved their bikinis returning time and again. With this background and the realization that Americans deserve the latest styles and trends of swimwear fashion for a reasonable price, just as Brazilians in Rio de Janeiro enjoy, I started Copa Bikinis.

Copa Bikinis brings the latest styles and fashions in women's swimwear all in one place. Our bikinis section covers all the most popular styles of tops and bottoms available, in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns as well. Make sure to check out the Fashion Tips section and find out more about bikini styles than you may have known before. There is a whole world of swimsuits out there and Copa Bikinis wants to bring that world to you.

As I say on the site, EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE! I hope you LOVE our swimsuits and if we can be of any assistance, please ask. See you on the beach!

Beijos (kisses)