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Bandeau BikinisBandeau Bikinis

Bandeau Bikinis are available from Copa Bikinis in a wide variety of solid colors and patterns. This season get your bandeau bikini ready for the best tan lines you can get without going topless. The bandeau bikinis top is a strapless, low profile bikini top to keep nearly all tanlines within the parameters of a normal bra. So your chest, shoulders, and back will be tan and beautiful because of your bandeau bikini.

As you can see in the photo to the right, our bandeau bikini, the Copa Bikini #2, has a significant pattern style. This bandeau bikini bottom is styled after the boardwalk of the most famous beach in the world, Copacabana. We proudly pay homage to the Copacabana boardwalk with this sleek, sexy bandeau bikini.

The other tribute bandeau bikini is the Copa Bikini #3 which is the same style and pattern with the top and bottom swapped. The top is the pattern on the bandeau bikini and the bottom is solid instead. Still giving the appropriate nod to the Copacabana for it’s rich heritage and influence over the swimsuit world and the birthplace of the bandeau bikini.

One of our most popular bandeau bikinis is the Carioca Bikini which comes in a variety of patterns and solids that can be mixed and matched for any occasion. The bandeau bikinis have the strapless definitive bandeau cut which narrows at the center rather than a straight tube-top style. The bottoms of the bandeau bikinis however are available in full or Brazilian style with low rise options and lots of colors to choose from.

So get started browsing for your bandeau bikinis from Copa Bikinis and don’t hesitate to contact us for a particular style, color, or size bikini for the perfect bikini for you or as a gift.

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