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Bikini Styles

Choosing a bikini style is the first decision you make when you start shopping for your bikini for this year. You should look at a 
bikini that fits your body type and style first. A traditional or "American" cut bikini will be fuller coverage on the bottom of the bikini to expose less on your posterior in a full U shape. A Brazilian cut bikini will be narrower and have a V shape to it. A thong is the most exposed in a simple T shape, with string or small material pieces making up the back of the bikini bottom.

Just thongs have different types that include the T string bikini where the back just intersects two strings into a T shape. The G string bikini can have a small patch of material creating a triangle between the side strings and crotch string. The V string bikini bottom is the same formation as the G string bikini but the material is empty and the triangle is just an outline made up of the strings. The C string bikini bottom, which is relatively new and very risqué is a C shape of material that is cupped down through the crotch and buttocks with no side strings.

Thong Bikini Bottoms

Once you have a bikini bottom style selected, consider what type of bikini top you would like to go with it. Start with the easiest, tied or strapless. Strapless bikinis or bandeaus leave less tan lines but are not good for active movement, sports, distance swimming, and especially running. Halter top bikinis offer the most support and strength for sports or running. We can't forget about the classic triangle bikinis which are great for tanning, swimming, playing, or lounging.

Finally there are alternatives to the classic definition of bikini that shouldn't be overlooked like the tankini. Tankini bikinis offer the most coverage in a two piece swimsuit while still being a separate two piece. You can have full coverage all the way around or some tankini bikini tops just have coverage in the front and sides to hide just the belly. Leaving your back more open for tanning.