Are Brazilian Women Really That Hot?

September 5, 2014

Yes, they are. In fact, this isn't just the author’s biased opinion because his wife is a beautiful Brazilian (yes, I’m shamefully scoring points with her here). If you Google “Countries With Most Beautiful Women in the World” the first two sites listed will tell you that Brazil is #1 ( & They will also tell you that America isn't anywhere near the top.

So what is Brazil’s secret? Is it simply genetics? Of course not! All you have to do is walk down the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York or any major city in the U.S. to know that there are hot women everywhere in the U.S.! These women are just as hot and beautiful, if not more so, as the Brasileiras (Brazilian women). However, the Brazilians do have at least one secret that I've discovered. They know how do dress to impress! Brazilians flatter their bodies with their clothing and this not only makes them look good, but adds to their playful confidence that so many men love. And when it comes to bikinis, this is more obvious than anywhere else in the Brazilian vs. American fashion worlds.

My wife grew up near the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and her family still resides there. I have been there many times over the years and have always felt that the women at the beaches there were more beautiful than American women. However, it didn't hit me until when I first went to an American beach with my wife that this was actually a false perception. When I first took my wife to North Avenue Beach in Chicago she began laughing at a lot of the gorgeous women who walked by. I didn't understand what was so funny, but she explained that she couldn't believe how big and unflattering their bikinis were. At a certain point she actually began to feel sorry for them.

It then began to dawn on me that these women were just as beautiful as the women on the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio, but when pitted against the same body type in a Brazilian bikini they had no chance! No where was this more evident than in the way their back side looked compared to the Brazilian bikini back side. Their traditional American bikinis with the “U-Shape” in back made their butts look bigger and saggier, as opposed to the Brazilian bikini with the uplifting “V-Shape” in back. I had been so used to American bikinis that I didn't realize it, but my wife caught it right away as she had never been around the American “U-Shape” bikini before.

It is no wonder that there is a growing trend in the U.S. towards Brazilian bikinis. In fact, if you've seen the recent travel channel show called “Boardwalks & Bikinis” or any other bikini contest shows on television you’ll notice that all the women are wearing Brazilian bikinis. As a man, I’m very grateful for this trend and hope it continues!


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