Guide to Choose the Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

April 17, 2015
Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner! So, here we go again to that painful task: to choose the perfect swimsuit for your vacation or your weekend getaway. But the "perfect" suit is not only about following trends and copying whatever the celebrities are wearing. The perfect piece also has a lot to do with feeling comfortable, care free and feeling pretty just the way you are, embracing your body type and wearing something the accentuates your best assets.
So, we have 4 main different shapes of body types that we can describe:

1- The "Pear" shape:     this one is for those who have a small bust and large hips

Choose a padded bikini top. Especially, halter or bandeau tops.
                                      * The point here is to create balance between your bust and your hips, so, you have to drive attention to your bust. Therefore, if your top has something like fringes or ruffles, even better!
                                       * Again, if you want to do strong colors or patterns, try to have them for the top and choose mild plain colors for the bottom.
                                        * For the bottoms, the way to go is picking a bikini bottom with strings on the side.
                                        * But, definitely, NO one piece : they will drive all the attention to your hip area. And that's not a very flattering look.

Our solution:

The "Fringe Fun" bikini - $49.99 - 0000513_fringe-fun-bikini_539

he "Linda" Brazilian bikini BLEE with floral patterns - $59.99 -  0000026_ipanema-bikini_539

- The "Apple" shape: this one is for those who are large on the top and on the  bottom.

                                         * NO bandeau tops
                                        * Halter tops
                                        * One piece is very welcome! Especially those that are a little scrunchy on the side, because they create the illusion of the slimming effect.
                                        * For bikinis: pick a colored bottom and a plain color top. The "boyshort" bottoms ones are also  great!

Our solutions:

Our "Monaco" one piece - $59.99 -  0000160_monaco_539

The "Copa 4" BLEE bikini - $59.99 -   0000302_copa-4-bikini_539 (1)

3- The "Rectangular" shape: this is for those who have more like an athletic body or have no curves.

                                                    * Monokinis! The monokinis give the body an hourglass shape. They are just perfect for this body type!
                                                    * For bikinis: padded tops and details for both tops and bottoms

Our solution:

The "Sereia" monokini - $59.99 -   0000515_the-sereia-monokini

4- The "Hourglass" shape: For those who have a large bust, large top and a small waist.

                                                  *DON'T mix and match!  Wear same patterns for tops and bottoms or bright colors for both.
                                                 * The idea is to find balance for the top and bottom, otherwise is  going to drive the attention to one part of the body only.

Our solution:

The "Rio" Brazilian bikini BLEE with beautiful patterns - $59.99 -   Jenna 074


- Hide belly or cesarean scars :   vintage/pin up  bikinis
                                                                   plain colors and no patterns for the bottoms
   Our solution:  Our Pin Up Collection :  0000304_pin-up-2-bikini_539 (1)

- Stretch marks: the best way to do it, if you want to wear a bikini and don't want to show your marks  is to wear a lace/crochet/netted cover up or just to wear a wrap.

Our solution: 

The "Bombshell" cover up - $39.99  0000157_bombshell_539

Our Canga/ Wrap collection - $19.99 each -   DSCN5863

- To slim: cutouts - monokinis are perfect for that!

- To alongate legs: high cuts

- To camouflage hips : low cuts , like "boyshorts"

- For large breasts: halter tops

- To add cup size: padded tops




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