Small Guide For Brazilian Bikini Shopping

January 14, 2017
Yes, baby, it's cold outside...;) But, it's also the season to plan your getaway from winter wonderland ASAP, right? And thinking about swimsuits becomes a little challenging, especially after all the eating fun of the Holidays. So, what do you do? A crazy diet ? Spend the whole day at the gym? Well, healthy eating and exercising help, but, what about choosing the right swimsuit, so you feel comfortable and look good at the same time.'Most people have a wrong idea about Brazilian bikinis. They think that it's just for super skinny supermodels. Not true. They just don't know that Brazilian bikinis actually help more that damage your image. You just have to make sure to choose the right kind, size and colors and you're good to go.'1- The right fabric': OK, that rule applies for ANY kind of swimsuit: if the fabric doesn't have any resistance when you pull it, don't even bother. If you want a strong,firm looking booty, you have to look for a firm fabric. Simple like that.A little tip: In Brazil, when we buy a swimsuit, we have someone pulling the inferior part of the piece and we pull the sides, forming a stretchy 3 pointed star. If it offers resistance, it's a good one.That happens, especially if the bikini has LYCRA® on it. And you want that. 2- The trick about Brazilian bikini: You have NO idea how many times I heard things like "Brazilian bikinis are to small", "I don't want to feel naked", "I don't like wearing thongs", etc. Forget about the "thong conversation". The thing that most American women don't know, is that the good traditional Brazilian bikinis HELP your bottom look more firm and lifted, instead of the huge "saggy bag" of what most cheap, traditional "U" shaped bottom swimsuits do, especially when you go in the water. So... DON'T BE SCARED OF TRYING A TRADITIONAL BRAZILIAN BIKINI. And when I say "Traditional Brazilian Bikini", it's just a bottom which cut in the back is shaped like a "V". The cut goes a little bit over your "cheeks". It shows a little more, but, trust me, it's worth the shot! Loly 2 131 Loly 2 127 Another tip: As the good Brazilian bikini is nice and firm, I always buy a size bigger to fit my "assets" properly (if you know what I mean...;)). And that works for the top or/and bottom. Just in case! 3- Right Colors Of course, that has to do with your taste too. But, just to clarify that you don't need to be buying 3000 black swimsuits all the time. To pick the right color is tricky sometimes, but take a deep breath and let's go through some basics, and then, you can study the subject on a deeper level later: I think you just have to know, first, the colors that look good with your skin tone: If you have very light skin: try to go with jewel tones (red ruby, emerald green, blue sapphire) or earth tones. Stay away from pastel colors. If you have olive toned skin (meaning light brown): black, white, orange, blue. Stay away from brown, yellow or mustard and green. (That's me! I bought a mustard colored bikini and I looked like a very-badly-digested-looking- baby-food-person. Anyway,you got the picture. Just awful. Learned my lesson.); If you have medium brown skin: bright colors would look great on you! Pink would be great as well. Stay away from black, brown, beige or any olive/green tones; If you have darker skin: pastel colors, pink and "baby colors" in general. Stay away from brown and white. If you have very light skin with freckles or/and red hair: green (not lime green!), cobalt blue, red and pink would look amazing on you! Stay away from the yellows and oranges. All right. Now, you know your "color", so let's see how we put the perfect swimsuit together. 4- Colors and shapes It sounds like a toddler toy. I know. But have the perfect color sometimes doesn't solve the whole puzzle. It doesn't mean that you can't have a print or a different color mixed up, to give a little pop. You don't need to look have just one color and one kind of bikini. Your shape: -If you have large hips and a smaller torso, you are a "PEAR": choose a bikini top with details, like fringes or ruffles, etc. Also, the print that you pick should be on the top. And the plain color for the bottom. Doing that, you're going to take away the attention from your hips, creating a "balanced effect" to your whole body. 😉 Bikini bottoms with strings on the side work nice in this case too. Padded tops and bandeau tops work great. Big no, no: one piece. - If you are large on the top and the bottom, you are an "APPLE": you can do prints on the bottom and the plain color on the top. You definitely have to try to wear halter tops with great quality. Big no, no: prints everywhere and bandeau tops. -If you are large on the bottom, have large bust and a small waist, you are an "HOURGLASS": wear same prints and/or colors on both pieces. Big no, no: mix-and-match colors and prints. That would drive the attention to one part of your body only and it wouldn't have ANY balance. -If you have large breasts, small hips, you're a "INVERTED TRIANGLE": prints on the bottom, plain colors on the top. Try halter tops with a good coverage, that covers some of the "side boob" too. That's one of the reasons why it's SO IMPORTANT to have a good, firm fabric: it helps A LOT to keep everything in place. Big no, no: padded tops and bandeau tops. If you have natural large breasts, I would stay away from the normal triangle top. -If you have no curves, small hips, small bust, you're probably "RECTANGULAR": you should pick bikinis with details, colors and prints. And especially, pick padded tops. Actually, a monokini would be perfect for you to create an "hourglass" effect for your body. Big no, no: bikini tops with no padding at all. They will make you look flat (unless, that's what you want) Well, I hope could help somehow and shed a little light on the topic. And if you have any questions on the subject, feel free to send me a message on Remember: this is just a small guide for Brazilian bikini shopping, just in case you're not sure on where to start when buying your bikini. Overall, I think the most important thing is to EMBRACE YOURSELF. The way that you are. And own it. Don't hide behind piles of fabric, just because you're not Gisele. We are who we are and everyone is beautiful in a different way. So, if you want to wear a Brazilian bikini, just go ahead and do it. And be confident. Create your own runaway. And be happy and shine. And Happy Brazilian Bikini Shopping everyone! Love,Gaby


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