Spring Break time!

March 15, 2017
It's Spring Break time! And that also means Spring is around the corner, warmer weather coming, fun weekends, fun getaways, music festivals, like Coachella will be here soon! And thinking about that, we are posting one of our tutorials of how to wrap a Brazilian beach towel or sarong (or canga), and make it look like a dress. Super simple and it looks awesome! Perfect for a nice warm day at the beach or at a Spring/ Summer concert, when you have your bikini underneath, just in case you want to jump in the water, but at the same time, a cute dress on, that can also be just a towel to sit at the lawn. 😉 Featuring in the video is the "Cheetah" wrap - animal print matches with almost everything and it's never out of style! And another great thing about this sarong, in particular, it is that it's big enough for you to fold around in different shapes of dresses. Enjoy an have fun! Loly 2 072


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