What is a monokini? We’ll tell you all about it!

April 6, 2017
So, if you are familiar with this page, probably you'd remember that at some point, I mentioned a different word in a few occasions, but never really explained anything about it.  But what is a monokini?   Well, the best way and the most simple way to put it is that a monokini is nothing more than a one piece with cutouts. Easy, right? But, not so fast. That definition doesn't do any justice of the effects the monokini can do for you.   A monokini can actually enhance some of your assets without making it look vulgar or too obvious. It gives just the right amount of sexiness, just for showing a little more amount of skin that a one piece would. And it is also perfect for those who don't want to wear a bikini.   So, I broke down some advantages of a monokini depending on your body type:   1- If you have a more athletic or "squared" waistline: the monokini can actually help to create effect of curves on your waistline, especially if you choose pieces have a more rounded cut around your belly.     Check it out our: https://www.copabikinis.com/maldives-monokini   2- If your chest is more flat: choose a monokini with padding (very important) and a little more deep cleavage. If it has details on top, like fringes or ruffles, even better!     Check it out our: https://www.copabikinis.com/the-sereia-monokini   3-  If you have large breasts (natural or not): a monokini with a nice cut on the cleavage, right padding and, very important, halter top will do wonders for you (you can control how firm your breasts are going to look and you'll feel them more secure)! Pay attention, tough, if you have NATURAL large breasts, on the coverage that it will give the side of your breasts. That it will make ALL the difference on how slim you want to look. If you have less "side cleavage", the better.     Check it out our: https://www.copabikinis.com/riviera-monokini   4- If you have scars, birthmarks, stretch marks or even a little belly, but you don't want to wear a one piece: I have news for you: if you feel you're not ready for a bikini yet or want to hide little imperfections around your tummy, the right monokini will help you A LOT! Just choose one that doesn't have as many cutouts or has something like lace or other see through material on the spots you want to hide, like the middle of your belly. If it has a round cutout on the sides, even better, so it will create an hourglass effect to your body.     Check it out our: https://www.copabikinis.com/teaser-monokini   And bottom line, just follow the most important rule of any swimsuit buying guideline- the 3 Cs: get a piece that you feel classy, comfortable, confident . And I personally think that the monokinis cover them all. No wonder they are a such big trend right now and will be for a very long time.   Enjoy your monokini shopping! Xo, Gaby.              


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