Tips on How to Take Care of Swimsuits

May 24, 2017
How to take care of swimsuits? I had to repost this, because that's one of the most asked questions out there when it comes to swimsuits of any kind. It is not as hard as it seems and, following some tips, you can keep your favorite bikini for years to come! 😉 It is already so hard to pick the right swimsuit! Then you spend some good money on it, you wear it, you feel good in it, you have fun and you wash it and...the color is not the same, the shape is not the same, it lost its elasticity and the worse: it's saggy on the bottom! So frustrating! But there are some things you can do to prevent it to happen or at least, delay it! Here we go! But, first:  Pay attention at the fabric you're buying It's gonna sound totally bias, but one of the best swimwear fabrics out there is the ones with LYCRA®. No doubt about it! It has more resistance and keeps your fabric from fading (it can happen, but it's gonna take a lot longer than the fabrics without it). It also keeps the elasticity and also it doesn't sag in the bottom,(a big and common problem for women's swimsuits). It can be a little pricier than the ones at your average department store, but it is definitely worth it! Now that we have this part out of our way, here there're some tips to give your swimwear a longer life: 1-  To keep your suit in the best condition and avoid chlorine marks is to, immediately after the pool, try to shower with your swimsuit. So, it prevents the chlorine to stick for long in the fibers. 2-  Hand wash is the best way of washing your swimsuit. Use a little detergent with lots cold water. 3-  Do not use bleach - if the swimsuit is white, use mild bleach with no chlorine. 4-  Never twist the swimsuit to get the water out - it's not good for the fabric. 5-  Air dry, but avoid the hot sun (it can increase stains). 6-  Lie them flat to dry. Either on a towel or a drying rack; This will also help to keep the suit from stretching out. 7-  Never iron your swimsuit (it seems obvious, but I've seen A LOT of that). I hope those tips on how to take care of swimsuits can help you to make your suit last longer! 🙂 Have fun and happy Spring/Summer! G. Spring 2016 096 Check it out our exclusive line of Brazilian bikinis by BLEE®, for swimsuits made with LYCRA® :


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