Bikini Top Solution

April 19, 2018
Yep, it's that time of the year again: Time to get ready for Summer and get a new swimsuit. And, of course, a new bikini top. We've talked about it many times before, but by the amount the questions I get, it seems that there's always something new to talk about when bikinis are the subject. And I noticed that for a lot of people, a bikini top is a REAL struggle. In my previous posts, I talked about the right top for each body type, explaining in details and drawings what you should look for  when you go shopping for your swimsuit (   Remember?). But, this time, I'm using a close up picture to show you what I'm talking about, as I know that, for the ladies with large natural breasts it's really HARD to find that top that "covers, doesn't fall off, holds everything in place, doesn't cut your neck in the process, doesn't have huge bulky pads that makes everything bigger, lifts, cover the SIDES, it's not a Tshirt, it has a nice cleavage, sexy, it is cute and it makes you feel like a natural woman"( Yep, I've been there! ). And having myself in mind, (Duh! Because it was almost impossible to find something that would make me comfortable and happy ), I created the "Rio" and especially the "Fiesta" tops at, from our BLEE® line. And those are some of our best selling bikinis. The concept is very simple, just look for:
  • a nice halter triangle top with more side coverage
  • large straps
  • fully lined but with no pads
  • made with amazing LYCRA®
  • nice curved cleavage to help your assets, but not to hide them
  • beautiful trendy colors and prints help too!
Another idea is to buy a bikini top with an easy matchable color or print, so you can wear the same top with different bottoms (so you only have to think about it once! Mix and match!). Anyways, this is just a little tip on how to find a bikini top solution for such a common problem to us! Any questions, just talk to me:   Xoxo, G. Featuring the "Rio" Brazilian bikini top from BLEE® For more, check it out at:


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