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Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian Bikini

Keep up with the most popular bikini styles in the world of fashion with Copa Bikinis Brazilian Bikinis. The Brazilian Bikini is currently the number one sold bikini style in the United States because of its versatile combinations and forgiving cut. The Brazilian bikini is world famous stemming from Central and South America and spreading to North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Brazilian Bikinis

The bottom of a Brazilian Bikini can have multiple iterations but the most popular is the Brazilian Bikini “V” shape, showing off your bottom while leaving little tan lines. The most common identifier of the Brazilian Bikini is the string or material strapped sides. The idea behind the streamline material is to reduce tan lines to minimal stripes rather than underwear shaped tan lines.

Our Brazilian Bikinis are available in classic solid colors or add a flare to your swimwear with a bright patterned bikini. Our Brazilian BLEE Brazilian bikinis are made with a LYCRA® Xtra Life material that is not only more durable than most Brazilian cut bikinis, but has the extra effect of lifting the buttocks.

So take a look around at Copa Bikinis Brazilian Bikinis for a new swimsuit. If you are planning a vacation or honeymoon, make sure to get multiple bikinis, and a bridal bikini if it applies. Have fun and mix and match because we specially designed our Brazilian bikinis to be paired with each other in some cases. If you have questions about any of our Brazilian Bikinis or any other swimsuit, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

We do have new Brazilian bikinis coming out each season and we update our stock regularly so check back often to see the latest swimwear available. 

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