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Cangas from Copa Bikinis

CangasCopa Bikinis offers a huge selection of colorful and vibrant cangas to choose from for going to the beach, pool, or just for sitting outside in the sun. Our cangas are based on the traditional Brazilian beach towl design that can be laid out for sitting or as a wrap around your swimsuit or bikini. Our cangas are approximately 70” by 50” in size, the perfect length and width for a variety of wrapping options to cover up over a swim suit.

Copa Bikinis Cangas Color and Pattern Options

  • Illustrated Prints
  • Tie Die Patterns

  • Brazilian Landmarks

  • Floral Patterns

  • Ocean Scene Prints

  • Animal Prints

  • Tropical Plant Prints

  • Brazilian Flag Prints

  • And More

Why Buy a Canga

The versatility of the canga is fantastic because it can be a wrap around your body, a blanket to sit or lay on, a towel to dry off with, even a festive decorative tapestry in your home. The vibrant colors and fringe ended cangas are extremely popular in central and South American beaches because they are lighter than towls and much more functional. Copa Bikinis is proud to bring cangas to the US market with the flare and enthusiasm of the Brazilian culture from which they came.

The cangas from Copa Bikini are all designed and manufactured with the understanding that they are meant to be worn. A canga is meant to flow around a woman at the beach or pool in a simple but effective way to cover her waist while not sunning or in the water. Our cangas are no different from the Brazilian inspiration. We want women to feel covered and able to move in our cangas while they are enjoying the summer sun.

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