So what is the difference?  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Bikini Bottom Cut Styles

Although there are many varieties within these 3 categories (more on that below), the traditional/American cut is more of a “U” shape providing more coverage, but not giving that “lift” in the back that the Brazilian cuts provide. If you’ve seen many bikini contests at popular beaches or on the latest reality TV shows, you probably know that the Brazilian cuts are the modern trend in America, although they’ve been the norm in Brazil for many years.

Brazilian Cut bikinis are becoming more popular here because of what we at Copa call the “Butt Lift Enhancement Effect” or “BLEE.” Most ladies wear them simply because the Brazilian cut makes their butt look better. The uplifting contours of the “V” shape are much preferred to the more sagging contours of the “U” shape traditional cut. In fact, this is such common knowledge in Brazil that “Brasileiras” (Brazilian women) think it’s hilarious that women in America wear “U” shaped bottoms.

Many people confuse a “V” shape Brazilian cut for a “Thong,” probably because thongs originated in Brazil. However, the thong is in a whole class by itself. They’re great for more sun coverage and of course are a favorite of many bold and beautiful ladies, but make sure you’re wearing in a place where you can’t be arrested!


Brazilian BLEE® Bikinis. Copa Bikinis sells an exclusive line of bikinis that we simply call “BLEE” (Butt Lift Enhancement Effect). The BLEE® line are Brazilian cut bikinis made with a LYCRA® Xtra Life material that is not only more durable than most Brazilian cut bikinis, but has the extra effect of lifting the buttocks for a more athletic or firmer looking back side. The BLEE bikini is for women who are looking for that extra appearance of lift in back to complement their figure.

Traditional Brazilian Cut Bikinis. Our line of traditional Brazilian cut bikinis also have the “V” cut which gives an uplifting effect to the buttocks, but the lift isn’t as pronounced as are BLEE® line. The reason for this is the difference in the material that these suits are made of. Although these suits are made from a LYCRA® material, it is a bit lighter and less durable than the LYCRA® Xtra Life material that the BLEE® line is made from. The traditional Brazilian cut bikinis are less costly, and are preferred by those women fortunate enough not to need the extra appearance of lift in back.

Traditional American/Euro Cut Bikini. Of course, traditional cut bikinis are still quite popular in America and Europe and provide a bit more coverage in back than the Brazilian cuts. Traditional cut bikinis are preferred by women who are looking for a more conservative look, or desire more coverage in back.

Different Types of Brazilian Bikinis. Besides the Traditional Brazilian Bikini, you can find them nowadays, in different styles in the back, such as the “Cheeky” or “Boyshort” and the “Scrunchy” or “Pucker”. Illustrations of these types are below, and simply represent different styles of the Brazilian cut bikini.

Bikini Bottom Styles

Different Types of Thong Bikinis:

Of course, the Thong/String Bikini covers very little in the back, and has a little triangle in front. They’re great for maximum tanning exposure (and getting his attention), but not permitted in certain areas of the U.S. and most women feel they’re not as comfortable as other cuts.

There are several different types of thong/string bikinis, with some of the main categories being those listed and illustrated below:

  • T-String : basically and literally a string in the back, forming a “T” shape with the waist line.
  • G-String: the most popular one. It has a tiny piece of fabric, shaped like a triangle, on the upper part of the buttocks.
  • V-String: It has a tiny triangle on the upper part of your buttocks, but no fabric filling it.
  • C-String: known also as “Invisible Underwear”. There’s no band around the waist, leaving just a "c-shaped" piece between the legs held in place firmly by a flexible internal frame. No panty lines. They are usually disposable.
Thong Bikini Styles

Size Chart

When you purchase a bikini Made in Brazil, sometimes it comes with the Brazilian size on the label. So, just for you to know:

Brazil US (or any English spoken country)

PP = XS, P = S, M = M, G = L, GG = XL

Bikini Size Chart

How to wrap your Canga /Wrap/ Brazilian Beach Towel/ Sarong and make it look like a dress:




Different ways to wrap your bikini top with no neck pain!