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Halter Top Bikinis from Copa Bikinis

Brazilian BikiniCopa Bikinis carries a wide variety of halter top bikinis to choose from in different colors and different styles. The halter top bikini is named from the tank top style for its strap that loops around the neck rather than over the shoulders, leaving the upper back bare. It’s used in a variety of halter top bikinis, tank tops, dresses, and shirts.

Halter Top Bikini Options

Our halter top bikinis are available in solid colors or patterned and go great when you mix and match. The biggest style trend of halter top bikinis currently is a solid top or bottom with a patterned paired top or bottom.

Halter Top Bikinis Great for Tanning

The halter top bikini style enables mazimum sun tan exposure on the back, leaving minimal tan lines. The neck strap of a halter top bikini is often covered by the wearers hair, give the impression from behind that the bikini could be strapless or bandeau, which is appealing in every case.

Halter Top Bikinis for Athletes

The halter top bikini is very popular with athletes for it’s amazing support and versatility in motion. We carry halter top bikinis, halter top tankinis, and halter top one piece swimsuits.

Most halter top bikinis cover a larger area of the chest than a traditional bikini. For larger chested women or simply a modest bikini, halter top bikinis are perfect for any summer day. Whether you are tanning, playing water or beach sports, at the pool or the beach, or even on a boat, halter top bikinis fit the occasion.

Make the most of the summer and look your best in a Copa Bikinis Halter Top Bikini.

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