The History of Brazilian Bikinis

The "bikini" or "two piece swim suit" was invented in 1946 by Jacques Heim and Louis Reard, who thought of naming this women’s swimsuit after the Bikini Atoll from the Marshall Islands. It was on the Marshall Islands that a nuclear explosion took place in 1946 and the inventors of the two piece Bikini wished for a explosive commercial and cultural reaction just like the actual Bikini Islands experienced. 

While most countries didn't jump on the bikini bandwagon right away, some even declared the two piece illegal. The Vatican actually declared wearing a two piece bikini a sin. Like all amazing things ahead of their time, the bikini was under great scrutiny during it's early years. It wasn't until the early to mid 1960's that the bikini finally became main stream thanks to movie stars donning them in major motion pictures.

Since the bikini's inception, there have been many versions of the bikini both in the cut of the top and the bottom. The Brazilian Bikini taking the most attention because of the high and revealing profile in the bikini bottom. The string bikini became the most popular style because of it's simplicity and universal application to women. Any woman of any body type can wear a bikini top. The only variable for wearing a bikini top is simply the chest and cup size.

The Brazilian Bikini however became very well known in reference to the Brazilian wax. In order to wear the risque bikini bottom, women were encouraged to remove excess hair on their legs, pelvis and buttocks. The non-conservative nature of the brazilian bikini was embraced by beach goers who took tanning very seriously. Leaving little to the imagination, the brazilian bikini caused waves, no pun intended, with conservative politicians, religious groups, and government officials everywhere and still runs into problems today.

There are still pools and beaches in the U.S. than ban true brazilian bikinis because of the revealing nature of the swim suit. While other countries embrace the brazilian bikini for its ability to showcase the female body, the U.S. still has powerful resistance to this classic and beautiful style of swimwear.

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