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MonokinisMonokinis for Women

When Rudi Gernreich boldly introduced the first monokini design in 1964, he knew the swimsuit would make waves in the swimsuit industry. The monokinis overall design was much different than today’s monokini style especially in terms of what was covered and what wasn’t. The monokini was originally designed to cover just the lower half of a woman while two very thin strings covered the breasts leaving them almost completely exposed!

While highly controversial over the monokinis lack of skin coverage, many people did surprisingly buy into the idea, though those who bought the original monokinis were rarely ever seen wearing one in public for obvious reasons. Monokinis were meant for private use amongst the most adventurous of women at the time and we’re mostly worn in the privacy of one own home, private clubs or nude beaches.

Gemreich’s original monokini style quickly fell off but not before influencing future swimsuit designers; eventually the term monokini was adopted to any suit that left the upper body uncovered. Monokinis inspired swimsuit designers to experiment with different swimsuit cuts and styles, pushing the limits of acceptable public exposure over and over. It wasn’t until more recently that today’s monokinis adopted the much more covering one piece suits given they’re generally still “revealing” in design.

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